Meet our new Postdoctoral Affiliates 

Newnham’s new Postdoctoral Affiliates were formally welcomed to the College last week. Postdoctoral Affiliates are early-career researchers with posts in the University and its affiliated institutions, who join the research community here at Newnham. We have a total of  25 Affiliates across a wide range of disciplines, with new members joining at the start of each year.

Discover their intriguing research here:

Dr Juliane Borchert – researching new materials for solar cells
Dr Rowena Brugge – designing better batteries
Dr Jean Campbell – understanding toxicology and foetal development
Miss Becky Dell – mapping melting ice shelves
Dr Judith Farman – designing (bits of) zero carbon aircraft
Dr Anna Gielas – exploring historic understandings of the Arctic
Dr Elli Mylona – next generation vaccine design
Dr Catherine Oliver – the significance of urban chicken keeping
Dr Tara Windsor – exploring the public role of German literary intellectuals