Dr Cynthia Kamwengo on research visit to Margaret Anstee Centre

Researcher Dr Cynthia Kamwengo, a specialist in South-South development co-operation, is currently visiting Newnham College and the Margaret Anstee Centre.

Dr Kamwengo, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath, is with us to conduct archival research in the University Library. She argues that, to understand the development policies of African Governments such as that of Zambia, we need to better understand their historical context.

Governments must make strategic choices as to which proposals for development co-operation to accept, and which countries and organisations to seek to  partner with. In the case of Zambia, Dr Kamwengo argues, the legacy of British colonial rule has continued to shape the country’s decision making today. In particular, she feels, the ten years of governance preceding independence in 1964 established the  foundation of contemporary Zambian development  planning. While post-colonial Zambia has continued to look to the UK for technical cooperation, the country has also sought to learn from the economic transformation of Asian countries such as South Korea, Malaysia and China.

Dr Kamwengo has already had some fascinating conversations with members of the MAC and Newnham College. She’s particularly appreciated the opportunity the college offers to meet people working across different fields, and looks forward to chatting with others during her visit here.

Dr Kamwengo will give a presentation on her research titled ‘Policy emulation and self-reliance in Africa-Asia cooperation: lessons from Zambia’, and all are welcome.