Artist Erika Tan’s Moving Image work completes art created for Newnham’s 150th Anniversary

A moving image work has been created by artist Erika Tan as part of an artwork commissioned by Newnham for the College’s 150th anniversary celebrations. ‘A Legacy For A Future Unknown’ uses texts collected from members of the College community, and imagery from the archives, gardens, and surrounds.
The artwork comprises three elements: a series of banners featuring the texts, first displayed in Clough Hall and now on view around College, decorated plates, used at College dinners and displayed in the Entrance Hall, and this moving image work which is now on view on screens in the College’s Dorothy Garrod Building.
The sound element for this work was created by a Newnham alumna, Marcella Keating (NC 2019, Music) and features the voices of students at Newnham during the College’s 150th anniversary.

Video Work: Erika Tan
Sound: Marcella Keating
Voices: Charlotte Armstrong, Nuvpreet Kalra, Sophie Madden, Beth Norman, Philippa Somerset
Text Design: Alex Stillwell