A Hand across the Generations: our annual telephone campaign

This September, students spoke to alumnae in our annual Telephone Campaign – both an opportunity to share experiences across the generations, and an essential part of our regular fundraising. 

The phone calls are an opportunity for alumnae to hear direct from students about what they really think about life in College today – both the highlights (fabulous feminism, research and community) and low points (draughty windows, ageing bathrooms…). Meanwhile, the young students hear about older women’s life experiences – again, both the highs and the lows.

One student wrote to an alumna, “I really enjoyed our conversation and feel very inspired by your philosophy and outlook on life – it makes me so proud to be a Newnhamite knowing I follow in the footsteps of women such as yourself.”

Many of our alumnae make a regular donation, small or large, to enable today’s young women to study. In fact, Newnham regularly comes among the top colleges for the proportion of alumnae donating.  We’re very proud of what this says about the strength of our community.

Our students know that, when they receive a Newnham bursary, it is not a ‘hand-out’, but rather a hand across the generations, Newnham students of the past reaching out to support those of the present day.

And Newnham alumnae support today’s students in a whole number of ways – from teachers encouraging their pupils to attend a summer school, to new graduates passing on books. Thank you all, from all here today!

(Photo shows the student participants, Principal Alison Rose, and the Newnham Boat Club’s flag)