Celebrating women engineers 2022

We are proud to be celebrating International Women in Engineering Day #INWED22 and all our remarkable Newnham women in that community. We have an incredible list of alumnae that form part of the ‘Engineering Diversity’ initiative, which aims to improve the experience of women in engineering, and hopes to continue to inspire and support more women in the field.

One of these is Dr Priti Parikh who has just been named in The Guardian’s top women in engineering. These 50 women are all united by their incredible work in sustainability, helping to change the world for the better.

Dr Parikh worked on infrastructure projects in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the UK prior to becoming an academic. She founded an MSc programme in engineering for international development at University College London to address skills gaps, which attracted students from more than 30 countries. Her research portfolio focuses on water, sanitation, energy infrastructure and its impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and climate change.

To anyone considering pursuing such an exciting career/area of study, Dr Parikh advises to ‘Give it a go – engineering is cool and there are diverse career options after graduation. As ICE Council Member I am now actively engaged and embedded within the engineering community. Engineers can contribute to climate change and are fundamental for improving infrastructure and living conditions.’

We believe there are so many amazing and diverse opportunities for engineers out there; they lead the way in innovation in so many areas. So today, please join us in celebrating them.