Raleigh Society Lunchtime Recital: Kate Runciman (Bagpipes)

Kate Runciman is a first-year PhD student, studying palaeontology.  She is from Guelph, Canada, where she started learning the bagpipes at the age of seven.  She now competes at the highest amateur level and has performed in countless events from community services like tree plantings to international spectacles including The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and concert performances with Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Rod Stewart.  Bagpiping has taken Kate across the globe, to countries like China, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States.  She is very grateful for the opportunities and experiences bagpiping has afforded her and she always looks forward to sharing the music she loves with audiences large or small.


March, Strathspey, and Reel
The Knightswood Celeidh                              2/4 March                    Donald MacLeod
Lady Mackenzie of Gareloch                         Strathspey                   Traditional
Traditional                                                      Reel                             Traditional

Lament for the Iolaire                                     Piobaireachd               Donald MacLeod

Slow Air and Jig
Pipe Major Robert Meldrum’s Lullaby           Slow Air                       William Taylor
Margaret’s Wedding                                       Jig                               Duncan Johnstone

David Ross                                                     2/4 March                    Archibald MacNeill
The Italian Proposal                                       Waltz                            Bob Worrall
Patti                                                                 Hornpipe                     Neil Dickie
A.A. Cameron’s Strathspey                            Strathspey                   Unknown
Malts on the Optics                                         Reel                             Hamish Moore
Donald MacLennan’s Tuning Phrase              Jig                               Donald MacLeod