Raleigh Society Lunchtime Recital: Jamie Ellis (voice) and Kate South (voice) sing songs from the musicals, jazz classics, and music by Kurt Weil and Tom Lehrer

Join us for the first in this term’s lunchtime recitals, featuring singers Jamie Ellis and Kate South.


Jamie Ellis:

  • ‘Mr Cellophane’, from Chicago
  • ‘You Gotta Die Sometime’, The Falsettos
  • ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • ‘What Baking can do’, from Waitress

Kate South

  • ‘Masochism Tango’, by Tom Lehrer
  • ‘Lost in Stars’, by Kurt Weil
  • ‘When Somebody thinks you’re wonderful’, by Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller
  • ‘The Saga of Jenny’, by Kurt Weil


Jamie Ellis is a second-year music student at Robinson College who will be singing a variety of musical theatre repertoire. After being involved in a few shows at Cambridge in his first year, he is keen to continue performing songs from shows. Today’s performance includes a selection of modern pieces from as recent as 2013, as well as some older classics.

Kate South is a 2nd year music student at Trinity College, and is thrilled to present for you all today a selection of 20th century American Jazz and Musical Theatre repertoire. She hopes you enjoy the performance and to keep an eye out for her recitals at both Emmanuel College and Robinson College coming later this term.

The recital is free and everyone is welcome to attend.