Pudding Seminar: Jerome Viard on his Penguin Adventures in Antarctica

Please note that this is an extended Pudding Seminar, running from 1-2pm

Jerome Viard is a gardener here at Newnham, who has just come back from a very exciting trip to Antarctica. He spent the austral summer living and working on a tiny Antarctic island named Goudier Island, the site of the very first British Antarctic Base: Port Lockroy Base A. This is not only the southernmost public post office in the world but also home to a 600-breeding pair strong Gentoo penguin colony. During his time in Antarctica, Jerome worked for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, a charity that aims to preserve historic buildings and artefacts in Antarctica for future generations. In his seminar, Jerome will share his experience of living with four other people on a very remote island with no running water; he will talk about the history of Port Lockroy; and he will explain his work as the Wildlife Monitor on the island. Every year since 1996, a survey is conducted at Port Lockroy to assess the long-term breeding success of the resident Gentoo penguins; this season, as the Wildlife Monitor, it was Jerome’s job to collect that data. He will talk about his experience living and working amongst the penguins but also talk about all the other wild animals that were part of his daily life.

Newnham College has been very supportive in facilitating Jerome’s extraordinary polar experience and he is very much looking forward to sharing his story with colleagues, fellows and students.

Come along this Friday 24th of May for a relaxed Pudding Seminar about Antarctica, history, penguins and remote living!

Please note that we will begin the seminar at 1pm to allow extra time for questions and discussion of this extraordinary adventure!