Pudding Seminar: Isobel Akerman (PhD), ‘Secret Cities: publishing ‘unusual guidebooks’’

The world of travel writing has always been romanticised by authors and bloggers, but what does it actually entail, and can traditional print guidebooks still offer something new and exciting to a public looking for adventure? Isobel Akerman, author of ‘Secret York: An Unusual Guide’ talks about the process of publishing a guidebook, writing history for a public audience, and gives a sneak preview of the upcoming ‘Secret Cambridge: An Unusual Guide’.


Isobel Akerman is a third year History PhD candidate at Newnham College, supervised by Prof. Paul Warde. Her research looks at the recent history of botanic gardens and the integration of environmental ideas (particularly biodiversity) into their research, education, and outreach since c.1960.

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