Pudding Seminar: Anna Schroeder (PRA) – Longer green times, lower emissions? How changes in traffic signal timings affect air pollution

Vehicle emissions have large adverse effects on population health and global warming. Junctions in particular are pollution hotspots mainly caused by vehicle acceleration. Unfortunately, these are also the locations where pedestrians spend the most time idling. So, can we reduce emissions and air pollution by making some simple changes to traffic signal timings?

In this talk I will explore the impact of changes in traffic signal timings on vehicle behaviour, emissions, air pollution and pedestrian exposure at a junction in London. This field study was conducted as part of the MAGIC (Managing Air in Greener Inner Cities) project.

Anna Schroeder is a Research Associate at the MRC Epidemiology Unit and is looking at how transport affects population health. She holds a PhD in Mathematics and has several years’ experience working in the transportation sector both within consultancy and academia.