AIM Secure Accreditation

We have achieved the mia’s highly acclaimed AIM Secure Accreditation.

What is AIM Accreditation?

AIM is the UK’s nationally recognised standard for venues and service providers in the meetings, conferences and events industry and has 50 strict criteria that venues must meet to achieve accreditation.

You can be confident in us as an AIM accredited venue because:

  • AIM Checks legal compliance, in other words it makes sure that we are complying with all relevant acts including health & safety, food hygiene, sex, race and disability discrimination.
  • AIM ensures that we follow a business code of conduct that insists on openness, decency and ethics which means that all of our invoices and billing arrangements are totally transparent, that all of our marketing material and promotional literature is accurate and that our contract terms are clearly set out.
  • AIM has assessed our facilities as being of a high enough standard to meet the criteria demanded by the AIM facilities assessment.