Click & Collect

Members of Newnham College can make Click & Collect requests from the Library. Use the form below to make a request or, if you prefer, you can email your request directly to

You can request up to five books, one at a time. Please allow at least one working day for us to complete the request. We will be in touch to confirm when we have issued the book to your account and to make arrangements for collection. Another Newnham student can collect the book(s) on your behalf. If not collected within three days, the book(s) will be discharged from your account and returned to the shelves to make them available to other borrowers.

The information you supply will be used solely for the purpose of processing your request and will be kept for no longer than 30 days.

Library - Click & Collect form

  • The title of the book you want to borrow via Click & Collect
  • The author of the book you want to borrow via Click & Collect
  • The classmark usually starts with three numbers and ends with three letters, e.g. 102.AFO or 070.HAI, and sometimes has extra numbers or letters in between, e.g. 776.T.FAN or 886.5.HER. It will be visible on iDiscover when you search, and it will help us locate the item on the shelves.
  • Please use your Cambridge email address (ending