Support our new Campaign

Our target is £25m, to be raised by 2026.  Please support us here.

We have three main areas we wish to support in this campaign:

Theme 1: Supporting Academic Learning and Research (£7.5m target)

Research-led teaching is at the heart of the Cambridge experience.  Newnham provides much-valued extra funds for the cutting edge research carried out by our academics.

Theme 2: Supporting our Students (£7.5m target)

Following the University review on mental health and welfare, the College wants to continue its ground breaking history of supporting students.  Newnham would now like to employ our own Head of Wellbeing, based on site.

We want to attract postgraduate students to Newnham, and so add to our vibrant community.  We can achieve this by being able to offer more postgraduate studentships including applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Theme 3: Towards Carbon Net Zero (£10m target)

Like many owners of historic buildings, Newnham faces extra challenges as it tries to get to net zero.  By taking steps to green Newnham’s buildings, we join the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and safeguard not just our College’s future, but also that of our planet.

To give to our Campaign, please click here.

We held five amazing Campaign Launch Events on the evening of Thursday 9th March in five different locations across the UK; Newnham, London, Oxford, York and Edinburgh.

The sessions included a leading academic discussing their research, a presentation by a Newnham postgraduate student, and a live musical performance. 

If you would like to find out more about what happened on Thursday 9 March, please click here.