Donate to the Forshaw-Reynolds Fund

The family and friends of Joyce Reynolds FBA would like any donations in her memory to be added to the Forshaw Fund, henceforth known as the Forshaw-Reynolds Fund.

This fund was originally set up in memory of Jane Forshaw, who read Classics at Newnham in 1991 and died on 25 April 1994. Her family have kindly agreed that the fund be renamed the Forshaw-Reynolds Fund, to remember the late Joyce Reynolds, who died on 11 September 2022. Joyce Reynolds was Reader Emerita in Roman Historical Epigraphy, Fellow of the British Academy, and Honorary Fellow of Newnham College, where she was Director of Studies in Classics from 1951 to 1979.

This fund will support Classics students at Newnham College. Please follow this link and select the Forshaw-Reynolds Fund to donate.

Thank you very much for choosing to give to Newnham College to the Forshaw-Reynolds Fund. We will recognise everyone who makes a gift collectively as “Supporters of the Forshaw-Reynolds Fund” in College publications and electronic media.