Introducing Newnham’s own Coronation correspondent

Our intrepid former Development Director and alumna Penny Hubbard (NC 1979) was in London last month watching the Coronation unfold from under her Newnham umbrella, sleeping overnight at the Cenotaph and producing live commentary and these photos for us on social media.

She writes: “Whitehall was a hive of activity most of the night with battalions of hi vis jackets marching to and fro – lovely smiley policemen all chatting to the stalwarts who slept out.

“The lead of the procession formed up on Whitehall right in front of me. We were sitting under a speaker so had wonderful music pouring out over the plop, plop of raindrops on my Newnham umbrella. The police lining the route remained resigned in the rain but were cheerful and pleasant.”

Meanwhile, it was good to see Newnhamites getting in on the action on both main channels, with Clare Balding (NC 1990) providing commentary for the BBC and Julie Etchingham (NC 1988) for ITV, while Emma Thompson (NC 1978) and Honorary Fellow Joan Armatrading also attended the ceremony.