What makes Education so special?

The Education Tripos is a flexible, interdisciplinary programme which allows you to explore what interests you the most. It offers a broad, compulsory introduction in year one, followed by the opportunity to select papers across a range of disciplines, or to focus more closely on a particular area you may be interested to explore in more depth.

Details of the course’s content and structure is available on the Faculty website.

How will I be taught at Newnham?

Education students from all Colleges attend lectures, classes, and seminars in the Faculty. Supervisions are organised by the College and/or the Faculty, depending upon the paper. Supervisions normally consist of one to three undergraduates meeting with a lecturer for discussion on topics arising from lecture courses, and students will usually complete an essay or some other task in advance of each supervision.

Why choose Newnham for Education?

Newnham is a very special College, with a rich history of supporting women’s access to education. We have a dedicated women-only Fellowship and supportive staff to put you in the best possible position to succeed. From one of the best-stocked College Libraries in Cambridge, to the beautiful gardens, and roots in education for women, there is no better place to continue your own educational journey. Our undergraduate Education cohort is small with a strong sense of community and close ties to other Colleges, so you would have the opportunity to meet students outside Newnham as you go through your studies.

What A Level subjects should I take to study Education at Newnham?

We do not have any subject requirements for students wishing to study Education at Newnham. Check out the University’s course webpage for information about typical offers and typical entrants.

Can I take a gap year?

Yes, the College has no preference about this. If you wish to take a gap year, be prepared to discuss your plans at interview. We would also encourage you to maintain a connection with Education and academic study throughout your time doing other things.

Can you tell me more about the Education Senior Members at Newnham?

For information on the current teaching staff and Fellows for Education, please visit our teaching webpages.

How should I prepare for interview at Newnham?

As part of your application, you will need to submit two pieces of written schoolwork.  We recommend that you keep copies of this work and re-read them along with your personal statement as they may be referred to at interview.  More information regarding written work requirements can be found on the University website.

Interviews are designed to replicate our supervision system so you should be prepared to discuss current themes and topics within Education, but no specialist knowledge is required. It is valuable to explore your interest in Education through reading, reflecting on your own educational experience and your motivation for studying this subject.

Is there an Admissions Assessment for Education?

There is no written assessment for Education at Newnham College for the 2024 admissions cycle.

Where can I find out more?

An overview on applying to read Education can be found on the University website and further information on the Faculty website.

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