Funding for UK Students

All UK students are entitled to government financial support, but this can vary, depending on which part of the UK you are from.

All UK-funded students are able to borrow the entire amount of their tuition fees, and are currently then entitled to a mixture of loans and grants, depending on country and household income.

Full-time students can also apply for a maintenance loan (maintenance grants are still available to students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The amount you will receive is dependent on your family’s income, assessed by the Student Finance award agency for the region where you live (England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland). Information about maintenance loans is available from the government’s Student Finance website and there is also a calculator which shows how much your loan might be. This loan will be paid back in the same way as a tuition fee loan, once you’ve graduated or finished your studies, and are earning over a specific income threshold.  For more information, check the information on repaying student loans on the Student Finance website.

The relevant details for Scottish students can be found here, for Welsh students here, and for students from Northern Ireland here.

A few students in special circumstances (student parents, disabled students, those who have heavy costs for travel to clinical placements) are entitled to extra support, and should consult Student Finance in the first instance. Special rules also apply to clinical students in their fifth or sixth years, who may be eligible for NHS Bursaries, and to care leavers, who may receive assistance from their Local Authority.

In 2021-22 UK students studying for their first undergraduate degree from households with incomes below £62,215 are eligible for a Cambridge Bursary, worth up to £3,500 in the first year. Students are automatically assessed for a Cambridge Bursary through their application for Student Finance.

Year Abroad students who are paying a tuition fee are also eligible for Cambridge Bursaries.

Check the Bursaries and Grants webpage for further details of funding available at Newnham.