Funding for Overseas Students

Unfortunately, there is no UK government support for those applying from outside the UK. Overseas students (including those from the EU) are required to provide a financial guarantee for the three or four years of their course (six for those studying Medicine and Veterinary Medicine).

Cambridge offers a small number of full scholarships for students from particular countries, and a larger number of part-scholarships funded by the Cambridge Trust. These are applied for after an offer has been received and details will be sent to offer holders in January. For those with small financial gaps remaining after receiving a Cambridge Trust award, Newnham is able to offer a small number of additional scholarships of up to £5,000.

All these awards are made on the basis of academic merit, with the Cambridge awards announced in March/April and the Newnham awards in May/June. Once awarded, these are held for the three or four years of the undergraduate course.