Postgraduate Virtual Open Days

Postgraduate students are at the heart of Newnham’s excellence in research and education. The University of Cambridge is running the Postgraduate Virtual Open Day from 23 October to 3 November 2023. To find out more, click here. This is a great opportunity to find out more about postgraduate taught and research opportunities at Cambridge.

What to expect:
Virtual Postgraduate Open Day live content (23 October – 3 November) Live sessions covering courses, Colleges and general information sessions. Academics, staff and current students will provide informative sessions and answer questions during these sessions. Course sessions will consist of a presentation followed by a live Q&A. Some of the Colleges will be on hand to answer questions during mixed-panel sessions. Most sessions will also be recorded.

Virtual Tour Explore University facilities and Colleges using 360 degree photography, videos and photo galleries through the Virtual Tour.

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The Cambridge Postgraduate Virtual Open Days are open to all those seeking to apply for postgraduate study at the University and will provide opportunities to meet department staff, explore the Colleges and find out more about the application process, research proposals and funding opportunities.

Life at Newnham College

What does it mean for postgraduates to be part of Newnham today? 

An international group of postgraduates share their experience of Newnham in this 4 min video.

In this student-made video, hear from current and past students and staff about what Newnham means to them. Watch out for some famous faces, including Diane Abbott, Prof Mary Beard, Miriam Margolyes and Claire Balding.

Hear from some of our current undergraduate students about their time at Newnham College, the facilities, and what they feel they’ve gained from being part of the community.

Newnham People

Women in Particle Physics  

Dr Maria Ubiali and Dr Tina Potter, particle physicists and Fellows of Newnham College, discuss their careers, their research, and their experiences as women and mothers in STEM. The discussion was chaired by astrophysicist Dr Rachael Padman, Fellow Emerita of Newnham. (25 min discussion, followed by Q&A)

Meet the Associates – Engineer Dr Xiangyu Sheng

The Newnham Associates are a group of former students, working in many diverse professions, who work to support today’s students with their studies and careers. Dr Xiangyu Sheng, one of our Associates, talks briefly about her postgraduate studies here and her career. Find out more about the Associates:

Talking Climate Change – researchers and decision-makers

Discover the ways in which members of the Newnham community, including former students, are working to understand and address climate change.

Meet the Postgraduates – Ranjini Nair, dance researcher

Meet a current member of the Newnham postgraduate community. In this 3-minute talk, PhD student Ranjini Nair introduces her research into the cultural significance of classical Indian dance.

Meet the Researchers – Classicist Dr Carol Atack

Meet a member of the Newnham Fellowship, our research and teaching community. Classicist Dr Carol Atack discusses Plato’s Dialogues and the importance of the settings for the ideas discussed.

Meet the Postgraduates – Glaciologist Karla Boxall  

Meet a current member of the Newnham postgraduate community. In this 3-minute talk, PhD student Karla Boxall introduces her research into the Antarctic ice shelves, using satellite images to map the flow of the ice. Karla is a glaciologist working at the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Meet the Researchers – Historian Dr Meg Foster  

Meet a member of the Newnham Fellowship, our research and teaching community. Historian Dr Meg Foster explains the fascinating stories of Australian Bushrangers, and her research into the people behind the myths.

Meet the Researchers – Literary scholar Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi

Meet a current member of the Newnham research community. Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi, a scholar of literary and cultural history, explains her interest in Newnham College’s manuscript collection. In this video, she talks about German Romantic poet Luise Hensel and her circle.

Meet the Researchers – Economist Dr Helen Bao

Meet a member of the Newnham Fellowship, our research and teaching community. Dr Helen Bao, economist introduces her research into how people (and governments) can be encouraged to make better financial choices.

Community and history

Community Life at Newnham – The Students’ Permaculture Garden 

Newnham College works for sustainability in many different ways. Here, postgraduate students explain the permaculture garden, and how students and staff have worked together to create it.

Newnham: The first 150 years

Newnham celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2021-22. Discover some of the remarkable history that created this college.