Should you have any other queries, please contact Postgraduate Admissions.

How does Newnham relate to the University of Cambridge?

Every student must have membership of a Cambridge College to be registered as a graduate student at the University of Cambridge.

The role of Newnham for postgraduate students is to provide pastoral support and welfare whilst assisting you in achieving academic excellence. It is often your new home, and Newnham offers a thriving graduate community to enhance your time at the University of Cambridge.

Is a College place guaranteed?

Once an applicant has a conditional offer from the Postgraduate Admission Office (Student Registry) they will be assigned a College. Applicants who have named a college preference will be considered by those colleges first.

I have an offer at another College for membership - can I change to Newnham?

The University of Cambridge has a strict policy regarding changing Colleges and once you have submitted your application unless there are exceptional circumstances such as;

  1. being offered a full or substantial studentship from another college.
  2. disability.


What is the 'MCR'?

The Middle Combination Room (MCR) is the collective name for the graduate study body at Newnham College. As a graduate student at Newnham you are already a member of this community. The MCR has its own common room and website, which is run by its Committee. Newnham College actively promotes postgraduate events and even hosts a weekly free supper for postgraduate students (sign up required). There are formal halls exclusively for postgraduate students and a number of exciting occasions throughout the year including workshops, career advice and social events.

What support is in place for graduate students at Newnham?

Alongside the financial support available for our graduate students at Newnham, you will also be allocated a Postgraduate Mentor and a Postgraduate Tutor. Your Mentor will be associated to your subject area and will be able to advise you on academic queries, as an alternative point of contact to your Department. Your Tutor looks after your pastoral care. Newnham College also has a College Nurse on site, and a College Counsellor. Newnham College has a College Chaplain. We also have our Royal Literary Writing Fellow (who will be able to help with all aspects of writing).

Can a guest stay with me if I am living at Newnham?

YES; a student may have one guest staying with them for three nights of any week. For those requiring accommodation for longer than this, a guest room should be booked with the Head Housekeeper.

In the interest of safety and security any guests must sign in at the Porters Lodge regardless of the time of day.

Is there student parking?

Having a car in Cambridge as a student is not necessary with it being quicker to travel locally by bicycle.

Only in extraordinary circumstances are students permitted to bring a motor vehicle to Cambridge whilst studying. Any requests for parking must be made through the Motor Proctor.

Please do not arrive at Newnham and expect a parking space other than to set down and deliver luggage.