The latest news from Newnham’s Fellows, researchers, students and staff.

Jerome Viard’s mission to Antarctica

Jerome Viard, a key member of Newnham’s gardening team, has a new mission for the next six months. He is swapping Newnham’s flowerbeds for the wilds of Antarctica. There he will be a wildlife…

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PhD candidate Dr Saleyha Ahsan

Saleyha Ahsan founds Healthcare in Conflict network 

Newnham PhD candidate and ESRC scholar Dr Saleyha Ahsan has secured funding from the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) to establish a new network called Healthcare in Conflict with co-convener Dr Charlotte…

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Amy Tobin publishes two new books

Amy Tobin, Associate Professor in the Department of History of Art and Director of Studies at Newnham, publishes two new books this autumn. Women Artists Together: Art in the Age of Women’s Liberation offers…

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Newnham Conversations: ‘A healthy society needs to understand its past’  

Fellow Emerita Dr Gill Sutherland and Honorary Fellow Mary-Beth Norton make the case for History  Newnham Honorary Fellow Mary Beth Norton shared her own ground-breaking research on the context for the Salem witch trials,…

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Revised blue plaque which acknowledges Rosalind Franklin

Revised plaque acknowledges Franklin’s DNA role

A blue plaque which commemorates the celebration by Francis Crick and James Watson of the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953 has been updated to acknowledge the contribution of Newnham alumna Rosalind…

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Ann Phillips

A tribute to Ann Phillips, 1930-2023 

Ann Phillips, who is fondly remembered as a former Fellow and College Librarian at Newnham, passed away on 24 August.  She had enjoyed a long and varied career at Newnham College, having originally joined…

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Shahina Ghazanfar publishes Plants of the Qur’ān

Dr Shahina Ghazanfar (NC 1978) has published Plants of the Qur’ān: history and culture. It is the first book to explore the history of the plants in the Qur’ān, from pomegranates and grapes to ginger…

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A research fellow selects a book from a shelf in Newnham Library

Applications open for Newnham Research Fellowships 

Newnham College is looking for outstanding female researchers early in their career to apply for two Fellowships.  The Fellowships are the Sciences Research Fellowship (including any field in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, or Psychology), and the…

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Suffragist banner design displayed in LSE digital archive

We were fascinated to see the original design of the suffragist banner (pictured above left, courtesy LSE), created for Newnham and Girton by artist Mary Lowndes, a photo of which was recently displayed on…

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Joyce Reynolds lecture recording available to view

Dr Susan Walker FSA, Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford and Honorary Curator at the Ashmolean Museum, gave a fascinating talk recently at Newnham on her time in Libya with Joyce Reynolds. Susan’s lecture was…

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