The Newnham Naturalists

Welcome to our garden blog. Newham’s garden is one of our greatest treasures and it is home to many interesting species. We will bring you regular bulletins about what is good in the garden at the moment, what the College bees are up to, species seen and heard, events, how you can be involved, and more.

If you would like to contribute, please email Lottie Collis, Head Gardener

Hamamelis ‘Arnold Promise’

The Newnham Naturalists – Winter Flowering Shrubs

Over the past few weeks, several people have commented on the amazing scent as they have walked through one corner or another of the garden.  Flowers of winter flowering shrubs are usually relatively small…

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The Newnham Naturalists – dahlias, bats and box tree moths

From pompom to cactus, waterlily to fimbriated, nothing divides opinion in the shed quite like deciding what’s best in a Dahlia. But for late season colour, flowering well up to the first frosts, they…

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Head gardener tending to Newnham's bees

The Newnham Naturalists – bees, wild flowers and moths

After their first full summer in the garden, the Newnham bees have produced more than 29kg – 64lbs – of honey. This is all from just one hive, the bees bought last summer with…

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annual borders in front of Kennedy

The Newnham Naturalists – gardening with annuals

By far the most photographed bit of the garden at the moment seems to be the annual borders in front of Kennedy.  In the middle of July, they are probably at their peak, but…

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