FOI: What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

Annual Report

The Annual Review of the College is published in its annual Accounts.

The College’s annual publication for alumnae (The Roll Letter) is available for purchase on application to the Registrar of the Roll and includes a Report from the Senior Tutor.

Corporate and business plans

The College Council formulates its corporate and business plans as needs arise and funds allow.

Applications for further information should be made to the Bursar, Newnham College, Cambridge CB3 9DF or by e-mail to

Teaching and learning strategy

College Admissions prospectus and website

The Educational Provision of the Cambridge Colleges provides a descriptive account of the role of the Colleges in relation to the University.

Academic quality and standards

The academic assessment of students at the College is conducted through Tripos and other University examinations (for undergraduates) and through the Board of Graduate Studies of the University (for graduate students). Information may be found on the University’s Student Registry website.

The following College procedures are available in the Student Handbook: Student Procedures and Guidance:

  • Procedures for solving problems (including complaints from students)
  • Procedure to be followed in case of examination failure
  • Procedure to be followed in case of serious disciplinary offence